The Low Head Company Limited
The Early Days

In late 1963 the owners of the 550 acres of farmland at Low Head had a survey done for a proposed subdivision of 230 blocks on land that was North of East Beach Road to the boundary of Commonwealth land south of the Lighthouse. A copy of the subdivision plan is displayed.
John Gunn and Peter Clemons became aware that this proposed subdivision was happening and were concerned that Low Head as they knew it would be changed forever.
They decided to approach the owners of the property Florence Jean Smithies and Eileen Mary Branagan to see if they could be given time to arrange to raise the money required to purchase the whole property which was agreed at 18,750 Pounds. This was a more satisfactory arrangement for all parties.
They then began to approach Low Head residents and friends of Low Head to see if they could raise the capital to purchase the property. A little known fact is that had they not been able to raise the funds John Gunn and Peter Clemons would have bought the property themselves. However 10,000 Pounds were pledged immediately and it gave them the confidence to form the Low Head Company on 22nd April 1964. The first Directors of the Company were, Robert Wall (Chairman) John Gunn, Raymond Ferrall, Peter Clemons and Tom Room. Part of the Memorandum of Association is displayed, together with a list of the original contributors.
The purchase of the 550 acres was completed on the 10th November 1964.
The Board immediately leased the property to the Dalrymple Grazing Company who consisted of Peter Clemons (Chairman), Peter Seager, John Gunn and David Roberts. The Shepherds Crook on display was carved by John Gunn for Peter Clemons and is inscribed P.R. Clemons DGC P/L 1964. The Dalrymple Grazing Company still exists today under Andrew Gunn who continues to maintain the farming property for the Company.
In early 2017 a development application was submitted to the George Town Council for three Tourist Accomodation Blocks on Lot 7 which is situated south of the Queenslander homestead in the Lighthouse area on the river side adjacent to the Penguin rookery.
The community was strongly opposed to this development.
A community meeting was held and the Low Head Company decided that it would purchase the property from the developer.
Directors of the Low Head Company since inception have been.
Robert Wall, Peter R. Clemons, John Gunn, Ray Ferrall, Tom Room, Andrew Gunn, Gordon Humphreys, John Allan, Charles Booth, Robert Gunn, Michael Ferrall, John Scott, Richard Millen, Tony Jarvis, Neil Targett, Peter T. Clemons  Scott Millen, Ben Humphreys, Mark Brown, Tim Scott, Michael Batten, Charles Gunn and Jonty Barnett.

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